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Top Sandals picks for women – 2020

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Summer comes with its peculiarities. If you trek long distances daily, explore new locations during summer vacations or run errands all the time, you will need footwear that is extremely comfortable and breathable.


You have probably realized that your regular flip flops won’t cut it for you. What you will need to keep up with your busy lifestyle? They are sandals for sure. 


You are probably concerned about making the right choice, which is why we have selected 10 comfortable sandals that you can wear all day long without hurting your feet. They are not only comfortable but also stylish, fashionable and above all, durable. Here are our picks for the 10 best sandals for women.

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If you want something simple and clean that goes well with different outfits, these pair of sandals are your best bet. They come with elastic straps to easily take them on and off without stress. The heels are just 0.25 inches high making the sandals incredibly comfortable. These sandals have quality rubbers that keep them in place as far as you are wearing the right size. This pair of sandals is perfect for different occasions and matches any outfit of your choice from jeans to wedding attire. The sandals are anti-skid, water-resistant and breathable.

  • Simple design
  • Comfortable and elegant
  • Elastic straps
  • Small heels
  • Rubber soles
  • Runs large across the top of the toes

These pair of sandals are extremely dressy. They bring out the glamour and elegance in you. The cute faux and open toe makes the sandals worthy of being a great wardrobe item. With a short wedge heel, you are sure of comfort all the time.

These sandals have faux leather straps and fabric to make the sandals exceptionally cute. With a smooth lining and lightly padded footbed, these sandals are ultra-light and comfortable to give an excellent walking experience. The stylish design makes the sandals one-fit-all footwear.

  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Beautiful buckle straps
  • Fits for different occasions
  • Short wedge heel
  • Comfortably and incredibly cute
  • The inner sole is lightly padded.
  • Not waterproof

Birkenstock is a household name when it comes to making quality and comfortable shoes. These sandals are not an exception. The sandals are made with 100% leather. It comes with a synthetic sole that conforms to your foot to give you a perfect fit. You may experience some blisters at first but you will be comfortable at some point. It is lightweight and durable. The adjustable metal pin buckles make it easy to wear.

  • Comfortable and simple
  • 100% leather design
  • Synthetic sole for excellent fit
  • Durable and strong
  • Anatomic footbed
  • A bit expensive
  • Can take awhile to get used to

If you are looking for a pair of sandals that provide incredible support, the Orthotic Flip Flop Sandals by AEROTHOTIC will be a good choice. The sandals provide the right arch support to ensure there are no blisters on your feet. These sandals have an orthopaedic insole that helps to reduce back and heel pains. The shoes are recommended for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. They are cute and stylish to go with different outfits. 

  • Excellent arch support
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable and cute
  • Well made for rough surfaces
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Not ideal for people with wide feet

These are great sandals for women who walk and work every day. They are a comfortable fit. The footwear goes well with any outfits straight from the wardrobe. With a medium heel height of above 3 inches, these shoes keep you comfortable all day long. The top is made of suede and the ankle straps are easy to lock into position. They have lightly padded sole for all-day comfort and thick soles but without much of arch support. The grip is excellent and firm.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Medium height sandal
  • Lightly padded sole
  • Breathable design
  • Closed-toe
  • Does not use top quality suede
  • Not water-resistant

If you are looking for a pair of sandals that are decent and within budget, these sandals will be a great choice. The simple design makes them ideal for an everyday outfit. With the latex foam padding, these shoes will make an excellent addition to your collection of footwear. You may experience some blisters if they are worn for a longer period since these are thong sandals but you will get used to them with time. If you intend saving some money, these are great sandals to meet your needs during summer.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and ultra-light
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • Well padded with latex foam
  • Soft and simple 
  • Not good for wet conditions

The CUSHIONAIRE women’s sandals are an excellent choice that goes with any outfit. They are made with genuine insole for comfort and great support. The soft inner lining gives you exceptional coziness. With a durable and long-lasting outsole, these shoes are made to take care of long walking trips. They are perfect for long wear with the suede insole pampering your feet like a baby. Once you get the straps to fit comfortably, then, you are good to go.

  • Durable and long-lasting insole
  • Soft inside lining
  • Made with genuine suede insole 
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lightweight and simple
  • Similar style to Birkenstock

If you are all about style and elegance, you will need a pair of these sandals to make you look stunning in any outfit. The thong sandals feature stretch fabric straps with wrapped toe post to keep you comfortable all day. These sandals are made with padded yoga-mat footbed for all-day fit and coziness. The rubber sponge outsole gives you unparallel traction. They are machine-wash safe. Use a colour-safe detergent without a dryer. This pair of sandals is extremely light and sturdy.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Stylish and cute design
  • Safe for machine wash
  • Well padded footbed
  • No Arch Support

Timeless design and quality leather sandals are never out of fashion. If you are looking for sandals that can keep up with your urban lifestyle, the LUFYMOMO sandals should be a top consideration. They are lightweight and made with EVA material for an extremely comfortable walk. The design is compact, elegant and fashionable.

These sandals fit perfectly for different occasions. They look casual and very stylish. The strap is super easy to adjust to any desired point for a custom fit. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, these sandals will make your day. Made with injection technology, the shoes are durable, waterproof and lightweight. The sole is elastic to make your feet at ease all the time.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Elegant and durable
  • Waterproof and ultra-lightweight 
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • Quality and timeless design
  • May not be as durable as other options

These sandals give you a flawless look. They are cute and elegant. The footbed provides excellent support so you can work or stand in comfort. With a 3.1 inches heel, you are sure of comfort all day long. The ankle strap with metal buckle helps you to get the perfect grip for your feet. This pair of sandals looks astonishing with three strap uppers made with suede to making you look cute and dashing. The durable outsole provides exceptional cushioning for your feet. These sandals will complement any outfits perfectly.

  • Many color options
  • Easily adjustable strap and buckle
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Elegant and cute design
  • Not waterproof
  • Somewhat expensive

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