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Giesswein vs Nootkas

Giesswein vs Nootkas – Which is the best wool slipper?

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Giesswein Slippers vs Nootkas Slippers

What are wool slippers and why are they the best option?

Giesswein Chamerau
Giesswein Chamerau

Wool slippers are exactly what they sound like… slippers made with wool. When people think of your regular house slippers, wool isn’t one of the first materials they think of. People associate wool with a scratchy, itchy sensation but that just isn’t the case. If treated and conditioned properly, wool can be one of the warmest, and softest materials in anything – sweaters, slippers, hats, etc.

We prefer wool slippers simply because they offer you so much warmth, but they don’t make your feet overheat. If you’re like us and your home is primarily wood or tile flooring, your feet can get cold even in the warmer months. We wear our wool slippers year-round because we love them that much!

Wool slippers are the best option when it comes to a slipper because they are always made with high-quality materials – wool isn’t cheap. Wool slippers keep your feet warm and protected. The best part is that wool slippers can last you years, even if you wear them every day as we do.

Today, we are going to compare the two most popular options when it comes to wool slippers. These two brands are known for having high-quality, durable, and comfortable wool slippers. Let’s get into the showdown!

Giesswein is a company that manufactures and sells wool slippers. They use 100% virgin merino wool to create their products and they take pride in their process of making their slippers. They prioritize the environment – 0% of their wool is wasted and 90% of their production water is recycled, which is why people love the brand and their products so much.

Their best-selling wool slippers and the product we are going to be comparing today are their Veitsch slippers. These wool slippers are made from 100% virgin wool which is known to regulate your temperature all while keeping your feet nice and warm. This product comes in two different color options, and they are super cute while also keeping those little piggy’s warm and comfy! While these wool slippers don’t come in a wide variety of options, they are still fashionable for lounging around the house or sitting on your front porch reading your favorite book.

Giesswein slippers earned the title of being a best-seller with all the unique features they have, but like all products on the market today, there are good things and bad things. Let’s discuss those now.


  • Giesswein slippers are made of 100% Virgin Wool, boiled & crossbred
  • Temperature regulating
  • Solid rubber sole provides stability
  • Can be worn outside for short periods of time
  • Zero drop slipper
  • Machine washable
  • Super comfortable


  • Only 2 color options
  • No half-size options
  • Sizes run narrow
  • Not much support for arches
Giesswein Vent
Giesswein Vent

Now, for the competitor – Nootkas Wool Slippers. Nootkas is all about comfort, while also being fashionable – even when you’re home. Nootkas was founded with sustainability at the top of their priority list. They use natural fibers and all of their products are free of any plastics. House shoes are Nootkas specialty – which is amazing since most of us have been spending a lot more time at home recently.

What makes Nootkas wool house slippers you might ask? Their wool slippers are made with high-quality, hand-felted Merino wool. They have multiple different color options but don’t worry, they use non-toxic, AZO-free dye for all their color options! Their wool slippers are all hand-crafted in a Fair Trade Certified facility in Nepal, where they carefully construct their wool slippers. Each pair is made with love, so they will always come out perfect!

Their best-selling wool slippers are their Astoria Wool House Slippers. They rightfully earned their reputation – they are so comfortable and warm, without making your feet sweat. We don’t know about you, but our feet get so hot, so quick and there’s nothing we hate more than smelly slippers from sweaty feet. If we didn’t already love them enough, they feature a zero-drop construction that helps to improve your posture as well as your joint alignment. So not only are they warm and cozy, they actually help your overall health! 


  • Many different color options
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Not itchy or scratchy
  • Sleek, modern look
  • Warm but breathable
  • Zero-drop construction for better posture and joint alignment


  • No rubber sole
  • Not machine washable – must be washed by hand
  • Sizes run wide
Nootkas Naturals
Nootkas "Naturals"

Giesswein vs. Nootkas - Which one is the winner?

Before we announce the winner of this battle, we want to give a little comparison for both wool slippers.

How they are the same:

Each wool slipper option is going to cost you around $90. The sizes are very similar and they have sizing options for both US, UK, and EU, so no matter what size you are, you can use their size guides to choose your perfect size. Both wool slippers are similar in style and how they were created. Both slipper options are great for regulating the temperature of your feet – they don’t get too sweaty and start to smell – they keep them at the perfect temperature.

How they are different:

While the style of both slippers is extremely similar, they do vary slightly. We think the Geisswein slippers look a little fuzzier and the Nootkas look more like authentic wool. One major way they are different is when it comes to arch support. The Geisswein wool slippers don’t offer nearly as much support as the Nootkas slippers. The Nootkas wool slippers actually help to align your body and improve your overall health – they help to improve posture which is amazing for your health. Another different thing is the color options they come in. We know this isn’t a huge deal, but some people like options (AKA us). The Geisswein slippers only come in 2 color options, while Nootkas has 6 color options – that’s a major difference!

Okay, now that we discussed their similarities and differences, let’s announce our winner. Today’s winner is…. Nootkas Wool Slippers! When it comes to house slippers, you can’t lack on support. Most of us wear slippers more than we wear regular slippers, so having support is a very important thing. One of the major reasons we chose Nootkas as our winner is because you improve your posture and joint alignment when you’re wearing them, they are more than just some cute, warm slippers!

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